Increasing sales in
e-commerce by 30-40% through content-creating and influence-marketing
Who we are
Hi! We are innovative marketing agency "By The Brand". We provide brands by promotion on social medias by content-creating instruments and influence-marketing.

  • we work with e-commerce brands
  • our average ERR >15% per blog
  • we increase brand revenue by an average of 30% after 2 months

We made for our clients
1 year

We stay on market

Project that we realised
Principles in work
Regular weekly reporting
Every week we send our clients reporting with new indicators and new thing were done
We make result to everyone
We work only with clients we can get result to. If we see that it's impossible, we'll say it honestly.
You and your competitors
We know how to appart you from your competitors
Do you want to get a free review-consultation?
Let's book a free 30-min call where we tell you what strategy will suit your brand in 2023
What you will get on our free-call
Review of your business
We will check all hands of your brand and give you recommendation-list for improving it
Review of your strategy
We will make a total analyse of your promotion strategy and tell you where you can to make a more sells
Share effective strategy for development
Let's discuss a great strategy for developing on social medias in 2023
3 steps for making your revenue higher
We give you 3 steps which help you to grow in next 2 months
What strategies we use in work
See how we work with brands:
    We don't start realise strategy without a whole understanding who our clients are and what are their needs.

    How we do it:
    • SWOT analysis
    • Customer Development
    • Focus-groups
    • Competitors research
    • Trend watching
    We sure that strong content strategy is necessary for every brand, because that how you can grow organically.

    • Content Map
    • Lines based on audience's requests
    People trust people. And in 2023 you should pay attention on promotion through the influencers and bloggers.

    How we work with it:

    • Found influencers with your audience
When people need work with us
Main reasons to start work together
  • When clients want to delegate all promotion procecces
  • When clients want to make their revenue higher by 20-30%
  • When they want to attract more clients and develop faster
  • When they want to increase their recognition
Reviews from our clients
  • Вы профессионалы. При первой встрече я рассказала об идее проекта, а вы помогли доработать и трансформировать ее во что-то особое.
    CEO spiritual projects
  • Мы узнали много нового и получили очень дельные советы. Очень рекомендуем Максима в качестве гида!
    Director of consulting centre
If your Instagram stats don't grow by 30% in the first month, we will give you your money back
tg: @boyarrskaya
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